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List maker list maker, make me a list, find me a find catch me a catch… You get the point…

I love to make lists. I make them everyday, all day long, all the time. I have note pads full of lists. I have calendars, note books, post its. If there is space to write a list on something, you better believe I do. I have to, I just have to, it is how I dump my brain and succeed in my day to day. It is how I take dreams and goals and make them reality. It is how I prioritize what it is randomly important to me and determine if in fact over time it remains important to me. I write lists to calm the chaos in my head.

Simply, lists are my outlet, my calm, my safety net. I write lists as my outlet, as my inspiration and as the tracking mechanism to ensure that it all gets taken care of. What do you do? How do you ensure that those things that matter most to you remain a priority? Do you write lists? Do you listen to the words on repeat within your mind? Do you track it on your phone or just take care of your inspirations as they hit you?

I used to subscribe to instant gratification, but when I decided being a grown up included sometimes saving, sometimes planning for the future and sometimes putting the needs and wants of my family ahead of my own… Well, the list was born. And to this day, it is a small, slight, major obsession of mine.

My current lists are compiled of many things that matter to me in the right here and now… Fall Clothes Wants – navy, grey, plaid, wool, chambray, cardigans, textured tights, boots, tan heels, turquoise pieces, emerald green additions and chunky jewelry. Household Wants – Vitamix, new king mattress, dining room table. Things to Learn – DSLR camera basics, cooking basics, menu planning, crafting and baking for the holidays. Preparation for 2014 – Money into savings, Erin Condren 2014 planner, honeymoon planning.  And I enjoy making lists because it allows me to see what matters to me most. It allows me to identify, when I revisit the list, what remains top of mind. But, when something seems out of place when I revisit it, well, then it often times gets removed from the lovely list. And in some cases lists get tossed, the whole entire list gone.

Random thoughts, I know, but the list, well it is my sanity.

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