Melanie Jeanne

Living with Intention


Living with intention. Isn’t that what we all have in mind? Isn’t that what we all want? I just don’t think I am very good at it. I am a soul that longs for intentional living, but in my life it happens in spurts rather that consistency. It happens in moments, rather than constantly. And maybe that is exactly how I need intentional living to be. Maybe that is exactly what I need in my life. Small bits of intentional livinng. But, right in the here and I am craving intentional living more consistently.

I crave it in ever so small ways, like carving time out regularly to jog & in ever so big ways like mapping out two-year plans for my career and home. I crave decorating my house thoughtfully for the holidays & cleaning out my closet to prepare for some new fall threads. I crave cooking meals with love and delicious new flavors & a beauty routine that ensures my skin glows. I crave braces to tweak my teeth just right & mapping out additional education opportunities to continue learning as an adult. I crave mapping out the plan for our dream home & finding the perfect color lipstick for special occasions. I crave learning more about interior design, blogging and my camera & buying my 2014 Erin Condren planner. I crave finishing Christmas shopping in October & exploring something new with the girls.
I’m unique & wild & wondering & beautifully wrapped up into chaos, but I’m constantly looking for ways to ensure that what I crave as my reality becomes my reality. I make lists, I create piles, I dream-up and map-out great ideas. And right now I’m craving a little more making my cravings my reality and living with intention.

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