Melanie Jeanne

30 Days. 30 Pins.

I set forth to create a challenge for myself that is both rewarding and intentional. I set forth to finally fulfill one single “pin” from my pinterest boards. I suppose that is an inaccurate statement as there are two outfits that hang in my closet today and were completely inspired by pinterest and one 13 year olds zebra birthday cake was found and created based on a “pin”. As I am typing I am remembering others too, other “pins” fulfilled over the course of time; the s’mores cookies and the carpet cleaner. So I suppose my 13,599 weren’t all for not. All that being said, I have clearly spent far too much quality time pinning things and inspirations and never utilizing my online cork board to take action.

So today I set forth. Today I set forth to complete 30 pins in 30 days. I know myself well enough to know that this will be a challenge for me. This will be hard and success will be hard earned. And knowing myself all too well, I have concocted  a plan. It started with an idea and a blog post. Then a list was created mapping out the pins that would comprise this 30 day challenge. Finally, a calendar was built to organize the next 30 days. You see, proper preparation is key in this here challenge for me.

Now, you know I am neurotic, that is obvious from the above, and you may know I am not so good at completing challenges. If you’ve been reading here for long, you know this. And you may know that my life is crazy amazing chaos without throwing a challenge of this magnitude into the mix, so you see, I selected pins to complete with great intention.

I decided to build off of three categories: crafts, cooking and inspiration. I selected 10 pins for each category and when I built my 30 day calendar I intentionally lumped two to three pins into a day and gave myself breaks between days. Since I will not be blogging everyday regarding this here is a look at the schedule I mapped out:

Week 1 – Organize our NEW amazing filing cabinet, decorate for Thanksgiving with some new crafts I will complete & feed my family dinner and dessert.
Week 2 – Style our family photo shoot wardrobe, feed my family & complete some crafts.
Week 3 – Feed my family, bake some pie, decorate for Christmas (it’s our day-after Thanksgiving tradition), feed my family again & do some Christmas prep.
Week 4 – Make homemade Christmas gifts, style an outfit, feed my family & prepare for 2014.
The final 3 days – Make more homemade Christmas gifts.

So… here goes something crazy and silly and random and strange. But, I have to do this for myself. It will allow me to complete a random challenge I set forth to fulfill while also preparing for the holidays with intention. Fingers crossed, here goes nothing.

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