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30 Days of Pinterest

30 days of Pinterest Inspiration – all photos gotten from pinterest pins

I am famously a pinterest promoter. I pin and pin and pin away. Getting ideas about fashion, style, home decor, dinner menus, holiday crafting and the next best beauty trend. I find that I pin away with no action. I pin dream home ideas and fashion ideas to build my life from, long lofty projects like remodeling a home we do not own yet or revamping a closet that is filled with lovely pieces already. Well, as much as that is a beautiful idea in my head, it will never come to fruition quite as I have planned it as I daydream. Yes, I find inspiration in many pins. Yes, I have bought an outfit or styled clothes already in my closet to match an outfit I’ve seen on my grand digital cork board. Yes, I have used images to write blogs and to inspire and motivate me to work out more. But, I’ve never really taken action on the pins I’ve pinned.

I am challenging myself. I am challenging myself to complete 30 days of fulfilling pins each day. Cooking, decorating for holidays, styling an outfit I love. I have challenged myself to take my hobby of pinning to the next level and make the great ideas floating out in the universe reality. Maybe 30 days is too lofty. Maybe 30 days is too short of a timeline to complete 30 projects. Maybe I will find that projects just aren’t that easy to complete or that I am spending too much money in order to complete them and ensure that they are indeed pinterest and blog worthy. Maybe I have no idea what I am talking about and/or attempting, but I am going to go at it full steam ahead and see what I can’t accomplish.

Lucky for me, the next 30 days include a couple awesome days. Veteran’s day, Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving – or the day we decorate for Christmas. Maybe my focus should be on completing 30 projects/pins in 30 days. This would inevitably allow me to cook two or three recipes in one day. That seems far more manageable and far more likely. Decorating for Christmas or Thanksgiving, cooking our turkey day meal or Santa’s cookies, styling the house or an outfit for winter’s wonderland, it is all within reach, just a pin and an inspiration away.

I will journal my journey and recap at the end of this 30 day period… I will also blog the day it begins as that is still up in the air. I am determined to make this “hobby” of pinning into something that doesn’t only consume my time, but motivates creativity and delicious homemade meals. This is just another step in my goal to live life with intention.

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  1. Kristie Henderson Sinclair

    November 6, 2013 at 10:01 pm

    Great idea! I will be reading/watching! Enjoy!

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