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A Toddler Turkey Day

Today has been a special day. This is the day that I, as a mommy, participated in my Doodle’s school activities for the first time. Little Sunshine’s Playhouse Preschool had a Turkey Day Potluck in celebration of next weeks holiday and invited all parents to join. The school was decked out with decor and copious amounts of food. The kiddos had completed art work; hats, place-mats, turkeys, etc, to decorate the room and prepare table settings. It was beautiful, well orchestrated and a very special lunch indeed.

I joined this celebration with apprehension. In the past Avery has struggled with mid-day visits and her independent mojo being disrupted. There’s nothing like a routine where mommy’s arrival means Avery’s departure. And to throw a monkey wrench into that, well, in the past that equated to broken hearts. Today I was torn, torn between doing what is right and participating because I could and taking the easy way out and ensuring no broken hearts. I chose participation. I called up my mom post Doodle drop off and invited her along. Prior to joining the celebration at the school, we had to stop and buy something to add to the feast. That is what a potluck is after all and this mom failed to prepare for this special occasion.
Cookies in hand and jumping through rain puddles, mom and I entered the school with excitement. Moved through the hallways to Doodle’s classroom and were greeted with hugs and smiles. We filled our plates and sat at the mini tables to dine together. The room was bubbling and chaotic, kids bustling everywhere, parents mingling throughout the room, little brothers and sisters tagging along. It was the chaos I remember school being and the chaos I am so thrilled to be a part of now as a mommy.


Avery & the Turkey cookie

Mom, Avery and I sat together and dined. We talked about school and Avery’s friends. Avery introduced us to her classmates and told us about her morning. As much as she could with a mouth full of cookie. It was a big deal to eat the turkey’s tummy and Santa’s belt off of her cookies. After a while mom and I gave up our seats to allow other kiddos who had just loaded their plates a seat at the table. We took pictures and got to know the other little surrounding Avery. It was time to go, with a bit of preparation, some well orchestrated warnings and a lot of snuggles mom and I were headed out, our turkey day preschool adventure complete.

But, you guys… Doodle had a best friend and a boyfriend. I use both terms loosely as my toddler is three years old. However, she does come home talking about her friend E all the time and Miss Gina indicated today that G is the love of her life. To watch my tiny human interact with friends, friends not through mommy, but friends at school. To watch the friendships she has developed all on her own. To watch how all these littles look out for one another. How they all talk to each other and communicate. The way they interact and follow the rules and play and smile and laugh. The way they know just what to do when they are done eating and it is time to get prepared for nap time… Oh you guys, Avery is growing up.

Avery & Ella


Avery & Gunner – look at that smirk


Avery, Gunner & Miss Gina

Have a Happy Toddler Turkey day y’all!!! Much love from us to you heading into this holiday week. May your weekend be enjoyed. xoxoxo

My Doodle


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