Melanie Jeanne

2013: One Great Year

2013. What a wonderful year.

Never in a million years could I have predicted just how incredible 2013 would have been. It was a year full of growth, wonder, family and friends. It was a year that filled my heart with love and joy. It was a year where my personal journey was in sync with my heart so very completely. A year where happiness occurred often and adventure was ever present. A year when family mattered most and friendships were filled with authentic caring and love. It was a year of growth and development for a toddler. It was a year of exploration and independence for some teens. It was a year filled with work travel for a Mr. And a year with career changes for me. It was one good year.

The most important adventure and moments of this past year stemmed from the blending of our two families. Making two units one and creating a family of five out of love, patience, kindness and humor. In May the Mr popped the question, in July we planned the big day and in August, amongst our closest thirty, we became a family. The journey to our marriage was a beautiful one. Watching the love bloom between three daughters, seeing love grow for bonus parents in our daughters eyes, simply magical. It was a wedding done our way, words of love shared in candle light in an art gallery and yummy food and drink to celebrate our union.

Along with our journey of love there was a lot of growth and adventure as well. Little miss Doodle experienced many lessons this year. Starting her year off going through sleep training, loving her through bedtime fears and comforting her to sleep on a new schedule and a healthier routine. There was also time spent on potty training and swimming lessons, changing schools and learning how to write letters. Change was a constant her life this year, there was also adventure as she took up ice skating lessons so that she may some day become a goalie like “brother”.

Our older girls settled into the pre-teen and teen years with ease. They continued to focus on sports and passions. Hockey remained the hottest past time in our home and little magical moments as a family occurred often. A road trip to Sedona, ice skating as a family, hockey, hockey and more hockey.

My year, my year was magical. It was a beautiful year filled with love, mama pride and learnings big and small. I learned how to ski, got a new massive tattoo, married my best friend and soul mate, fostered deeper and more valuable friendships with my dearest ladies, grew a fonder appreciation for family ties and the lessons my parents have taught me. I took a chance on myself and my career and made a major change mid-year, leaving a company who had my loyalty for four years and started a new adventure learning new things. As for the resolutions I set last year, progress was made. Major amounts of progress. The beauty, I am always going to be a work in progress.
To another year filled with magic, love, lessons and growth. Thank you 2013, I am so very grateful and so very blessed.

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