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Beautiful Blessings


San Antonio 2007


19 years… 19 years and counting. We’ve been through everything together. Middle School bus rides, High School football games, swim team, homecoming and prom, college, career choices, cancer, car accidents, weddings, babies, divorce, more weddings; we’ve been through it all. And we are still here and standing beside one another. Our friendship has ebbed and flowed through life’s journey, but somehow we always end up right here, next to one another.


That pesky bun
I am so blessed to have spent last weekend with two of my dearest friends of all time. Two ladies that know more about me than I sometimes know about myself. Two ladies that I share more life memories with, other than my parents and sister. Two ladies that are seemingly so similar to me, yet absolutely and positively different. Ladies, you are beautiful blessings in my life and I am so proud to call you friend.


Postino 2011

So many shared moments, so many inside jokes, so many little life idiosyncrasies in one shared memory bank… The two of you have been part of my life since I was 12 years old, that means this August, at the start of “another school year” you will have been my friends for twenty years (give or take a few days). B, we used to ride to school together every single day, my mom would bring me to your house where I would watch you and your sisters race through the house and get ready until it was time for us to walk to the bus, we sat and we would chat and gab and laugh. Instant friends and soul sisters for life. L, you and I rode the bus home together, it all started with a simple chat one day and it led to days racing to the vending machines to buy purple skittles and raspberry ice tea before we had to run to the bus to get home. We were cohorts in life and to this day, still are.

San Antonio 2007
The both of you thread through nearly every single memory I have. Those from Middle School and High School most definitely, and every main event since, you two have been a part of. From the watermelon dress to swim team, from putting roses on Gabby’s door step to our pre-Sadie Hawkin’s adventure at the park, from weddings and babies to divorces and second weddings. It has been the three of us.


New Mexico 2009


Early on this year B reached out and made us aware of an event in Austin, that we must attend. MomCom, specifically the keynote speaker, our favorite writer/blogger Glennon Melton, it was a must attend. We immediately knew we had to attend, but we had to pull all the details together, get the husbands on board and book our travel. In two short days the trip was a “go” and the count down was on. Daily text reminders to one another, discussing the weather and our outfits, our cameras and what books we’d be taking on the plane. Last week was a buzz filled week chatting via group text conversations to cover all our bases… And then the day came.
Culinary Dropout 2010

We caught our respective flights and headed to Austin. In a matter of moments the three of us were together again, laughing and hugging and excitedly jabbering. We arrived at the hotel and checked in, ran up to our room to freshen up and join the MomCom forces for the reception (a secondary blog all about MomCom to follow). After an evening of inspiration the three of us enjoyed a good old fashioned “girls night” sharing stories, drinking drinks, snacking on food, shedding tears and laughing until we cried. The night lasted into the wee hours of morning. The next day we spent our time traveling, listening to music, catching up over burgers and milk shakes and spending quality time with B’s family. Another night filled with laughter and tears and wine and pizza and colorado bulldogs.

MomCom Austin 2014

This past weekend was soul filling and a blessing beyond blessings. To meet my favorite mom blogger/author, with my dear friends and spend a weekend sharing our lives… Life is good. Life is blessed.

** I left all photos from the 90’s off of here for two reasons; 1. I have yet to digitally download all of them & 2. To save us from our awkward years. xoxo **

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  1. Mrs. LL

    January 28, 2014 at 7:57 pm

    OH so beautifully put into words! And those pics were a jog thru some of my favorite memories! I love you.. I love us.. to 20 more years of adventures, laughs, support and constant knowledge of how truly blessed we are to have one another!!

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