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Loud Can Be Beautiful

As a follow-up to the “I Am Loud” post of last week, I wanted to share revelations that have taken place. Once my mind focuses on something so simple, yet so impactful as the volume of my voice and my level of enthusiasm, well, revelations, they happen.

I have noticed simply from thinking about being loud prior to posting anything on this here blog, but more specifically since posting on this here blog, I have raised my voice only once in frustration. I have noticed that in moments when my mommy frustration starts to peek, I have been taking great big deep breaths and I have been slowing down, communicating more gently and loving more deeply. I have noticed that my little Doodle has responded very well to the nurturing versus the nagging. I have noticed that I have felt more in control and a deeper love for my daughter by simply slowing down and preventing the chaos from taking over. My Doodle is by no means perfect and therefore sometimes out right ignores my requests, but the response from me has been different and for me that is all that matters.

Last week we experienced a couple really awesome hockey games and I felt my enthusiasm take over when an autographed hat was tossed specifically to my girls. In the moment it was excitement and thrill all rolled up into enthusiasm, but I realized afterwards I felt the chaos of my excitement. How profound to start realizing when my emotions create my chaos, good bad or indifferent, it is interesting to be aware, very aware of my own emotional barometer.

Simply, being aware has decreased my emotional swings and my loud and increased my calm and peaceful presence. I have learned that loud isn’t all that bad when celebrating little life victories, but that patience and calm is incredible in creating an emotional barometer for those around you. I have learned that strong does not have to be loud, that love does not have to chaotic, that moments do have to be emotionally draining and that loud can be beautiful. I totally dig that.

“Be a thermostat not a thermometer.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

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