Melanie Jeanne

The Year of Priority, Focus & Heart

2014. Here we go…

I make resolutions every single year. Some years they have been tepid resolutions. Other years solid attempts have been made. But, last year, last year I focused on far more than a simple task, a momentary resolution. Last year, I became a work in progress. And this year I continue the trend. Nothing I am striving to accomplish this year is simply complete, nothing is measurable on a scale or in a bank account, but rather measured by progress and ongoing effort.

This year, much like last year, there are little tasks I would like to complete. Learn how to use my DSLR. Educate myself on Photoshop and Blog layouts. Create a theme for my blog and blog consistently. Complete a 90 day work out regimen with my Mr. Cook at home more, be more healthy. Doing more of what I love… Yoga, reading, travel, spa days & time with friends and family. Etc, etc, etc.

However, these little tasks are beautiful bench marks and great focal points within a year. The major focus for this year, which will afford all those little moments to shine is “Priority. Focus. Heart.”

This is the year that I take the time to evaluate and determine what is most important to me and make that my priority. Chase the “important” things that matter deep within, fiercely pursue that which fills my heart and soothes my soul. Continue to learn and grow, try new things and explore new adventures. ¬†Ensure that family, friends and goals take priority over chaos, details and busy. Focus on my priorities, ensuring I do not get lost in opinions and concern of what others think, but rather fill my cup and follow my passion. And finally, do all things with heart and love. Fill my home with fierce love, ensure time spent with others is dedicated to those individuals. Make sure that moments with friends and family leave them feeling like they are the most important people in my world. Live in the moment and dedicate my heart to the moment, really living my life.

Today and this year I will focus on remaining a work in progress. To you and yours this year, may you find joy, love and growth in the best ways possible and may all the troubles you face provide you an opportunity to reflect, grow and love deeper.

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