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Why I Manifest

2014 Manifestation Board

It all started in therapy. A few years ago my therapist was supporting me through divorce, career, motherhood, daisy chaining my life and helping me to find my center. Through our conversations as the year was coming to an end, she suggested I create a manifestation board. A board that visually depicts what I feel, what I want, how I want to grow and what inspires me. She suggested that I then write the words that accompany the images and paste that to the back of my board. It was a way to quiet the chaos of my journey, a method to compile all that is visual and verbal in one place. For me that mattered a great deal. Images impact me deeper than most I sometimes believe and the words that explain them are ever so valuable.

I had the best of intentions that year, but my board sat blank on my desk for the entire year. I had more excuses than motivation. I didn’t have enough time, I couldn’t organize my thoughts, I was too busy being a single mom and working at my job and making meals that I just couldn’t sit down and complete it for myself. And all year long I looked at my poster board wishing I had taken action, telling myself, if only I took that little bit of time for me… Maybe this year would have been less chaotic and more focused, maybe I would have accomplished more goals and seen more good and done more good.

Then 2013 rolled around and there was no other option. Throughout the whole of 2012 I created a “board” and “pinned” my inspirations, I moved those images to a folder on my personal computer titled “2013 Manifestation Board”, this year, unlike last it was not going to remain a folder on my computer, it was going to become a manifestation board I constructed and hung and viewed throughout the entire year. I printed images that inspired and thoughtfully wrote resolutions that would afford me the opportunity to grow as an individual. I ensured that not one singular resolution had a specific outcome or end date, but the goals would become part of me.

In 2013 I made a spectacular board filled with images that inspired education, peace of mind, travel, optimism, beauty, goals and reminders. I loved the images, the colors popped and the printed quotes were wonderful words to inspire. I then thoughtfully wrote out my new years resolutions. I created topics and wrote a paragraph that navigated me through the topic and I titled my year. I hung my board with all components in place next to my night stand. Over the course of the past year I’ve stopped and reviewed, gaining inspiration and insight from the images I chose and reminding myself of my intentions for the year. Subconsciously or consciously the images and the goals were threaded into my day to day. Reflecting on the board that inspired the year and the year that it has been, I would say manifestation is a beautiful thing.

To launch 2014 I have completed another manifestation board. Much like my mind… there was some chaos in creating my board. I started off utilizing the same methodology from the previous year. I printed and cut and designed my board, but as I was laying out, the fun chaos and visualization wasn’t working for me. It was too much; too fun, too chaotic, not enough pretty images. It just wasn’t measuring up to the previous year. So, I went back to the drawing board and instagram from this years board. I instagramed inspiring images that resonated with me. I trudged over to Printstagram and print 24 of my favorite and inspiring images. Images that spoke to me, conveyed the year I wanted and visually depicted the year I wanted to have. I simplified my process as a result of an internal need. And the image above is the result. A simple manifestation board consisting of 12 quotes that I want to live by and 12 images that convey the year I want to have. For me, from an imagery perspective, I want this year to be simple, clean, organized, patient, educational, thoughtful, spiritual, healthy, calm and passion filled. I included words that inspire me, words I strive to be and words I would like to live by below ech picture and as usual, this year has been titled the year of “priority, focus and heart”.

I will visit the board hanging on my wall, replacing last years fun and chaotic inspiration with this years simple and clean inspiration. I will review the photos and read the words and revisit the resolutions on the back of my board. I will find focus in the images, sometimes often, other times I may go months without peeking. But, I will always return and view and compare the life I am living to the life I intended to live at the start of this year. When I lose my way, I will look. When I feel like I am drowning in life, I will look. When I think I am failing myself, I will look. I will remind myself of the person I intend to be this year. And some days, I will smile as I am right on track, other days I will be reminded to refocus. And at the end of this year, much like last, I will compare, review and gain inspiration for the woman I have become over the course of a year.

That is why I manifest. Do you?

2013 Manifestation Board in progress


2013 Manifestation Board


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