Melanie Jeanne

Meh Days

I don’t know if you do, but I have meh day… The days sitting just outside of happy… The days when I don’t feel adequate, the days when I feel like I have failed those I love most. Those days when I feel like my feelings aren’t quite right, my perspective is totally off, my emotions have run too high. Those days when I am not my best me.

I know these days occur, I know they occur to the best of us. I know it is natural to experience high’s and low’s. I know that I must experience bad in order to appreciate the good. And I know that I am my own worst critic. But, man the meh days really stink. They are the worst kind of stink.

I think they are hardest for me because there is nothing that is totally wrong. There are no major tragedies, there are no major moments that prompt them, they are simply days just outside of my normal happy place. They are the days that stink the worst for me because they are the days when real life catches up to me; a little disagreement with the Mr, being sad over my Doodle growing up, knowing my parents are moving thousands of miles away and won’t be near, work feeling overwhelming, my thyroid creating fear within me. The meh days for me are the days that just happen. The days where I let worry consume me. The days where I left the not so great outweigh the totally wonderful.

Today has been a meh day. Today is a day where life just kind of stinks. But, you see, there is always sunshine to push out the grey and there is always happy to shoo away the meh. And right now, I am owning my meh, I am digging inside and realizing I am sentimental and emotional and a little more meh than usual. I am diagnosing my mehs and I am understanding the feelings.

And once I am all diagnosed, I am going to walk outside into the sun after a full days work, I am going to raise my head to the sky and soak in the warmth, I am going to revel in my Doodle’s giggle as we drive home and play her favorite song (for the moment it is Dark Horse by Katy Parry), I am going to pet my pups, I am going to enjoy my dinner, I am going to do a couple things that make me happy to my core and then I am going to let go of my meh… There is no point in carrying middle of the road feelings into a new day, into a new moment, into a new opportunity to be happy.

How do you deal with your meh?


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