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So we’re moving into a new home… Not our dream home just yet, but a stepping stone in getting there. And, of course when moving, my inner interior designer makes an appearance. My inner need to redecorate our living environment starts sounding the bells. My need to make our house our home versus a mish mash of things we have brought into our home starts seeping into to my mental planning process.

Our new home is a quaint little home in a nifty little neighborhood and what we currently own fits snug as a bug in a rug. We do need a dining room table and truly, replacing that which was well worn and weathered from our previous lives would be fun and incredible.

I am a pinner of pinterest finds and I love reviewing and imagining how I would update each and every room in our house. I love seeking creative inspiration through meticulous design elements and intriguing accents, converting a room into a showcase of style and functionality. Taking elements of each of our individual personalities and creating rooms that reflect our family uniquely, independently, yet cohesively.

As a result I have realized a new found obsession with chairs. Silly as it may seem it all stems from our need for a dining room table. A table that fits the five of us plus some. A table that pulls the whole house together as one. And once I get thinking about those chairs, my mind and heart wanders to each unique space. Our bedrooms, office, family living space, etc. Each one of us is so uniquely different than the other in our family of five and each one of us has a taste all our own and space to fill…

For our dining room, I want a big wooden table, filled with a collection of different chairs. I want transparent chairs and metal chairs and fabric covered chairs as well. I want additional chairs to bring in when needed that stack, in yellow or orange and POP in the room of neutrals. I want the collection to be haphazard, intentional, sleek and eye catchingly beautiful. When we do finally have our dream home I want it to be filled with neutrals of grays, creams and whites and small pops of color to accent the mundane. This is ever important to me when decorating for holidays as the colors of the celebration will add pop and excitement to the neutral pallet. In the hunt to find the perfect transparent chairs that I adore, I popped over to One Kings Lane for inspiration… Wouldn’t you know, they inspired a whole house of chairs.

Dining Room Picks: 

Bilboa Dining Chairs


Hayward Dining Chair



Slate Lester Dining Chairs


White Courtney Chairs


Yellow Isabella Side Chairs

I want our family room to be modern and sleek with accents of a classic touch. I want the color pallet to be neutral and the materials to be masculine with a hint of femininity. Tweed, wood, tufting, grey, mirrors and a chandelier… That is my heaven. I want grays to dominate the color pallet of our home, all shades of gray. Deep and dark to light and airy. I want painted walls with contrasting paint to create depth and design. I want the family room to feel inviting and cozy, while being clean without clutter. I want the space to invite friends to settle in for an evening of wine and games and our girls to lay back and watch movies. I want our family room to remain simple yet carry our quirk and character.

Family Room Picks:

Adams County Club Chair


Albany Lounge Chair


Alfred Chair


Bowie Chair
James Wingback Chair

As for our office(s) and our girls rooms, the pallet is free to the designer. In J’s dream office there would be masculinity and functionality, with a lack of clutter. His office would be a reflection of his love for music and sport while also displaying his accomplishments. My dream office would be light and airy, with a white desk and an acrylic chair, our orange filing cabinets and a beautiful glass lamp. Clean and fresh and airy and light with photos of our girls and art from the Doodle and an arrangement of chairs to allow conversation. The girls taste is always changing and the Doodle has yet to establish taste. In her room I would include cozy plush chairs. I would ensure they were colorful and inviting yet adaptable to her growing into a young little lady. R would love a loft bed with a lounge below. An area to enjoy TV and work on homework to escape to her own world of crafts and reading and listening to music and calling friends. A couple cozy chairs or a lounger will do the trick. E has her sights set on a lounger we already have at home, but cozy cozy cozy is the way we roll. And by the way, I have discovered that I may be slightly obsessed with acrylic/transparent chairs. I want a dozen in every room of my house, they are both feminine and masculine and are the perfect neutral to any room, I have even found high bar stools… Makes me so very happy just dreaming up all the places I can put a transparent chair.

The journey to a dream house is long and inevitably always changing. However, the excitement to dream and explore and plan and make progress is incredible. I cannot wait to share our journey to our dream home room by room.

This post was written in partnership with One Kings Lane, all opinions, writing and ideas are that of Quirky Chaos. All chair images were found and taken from One Kings Lane. Check out their Chair Style Guide and accent your very own dream room with the perfect chair. 

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