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The Secret is Out

The secret is now known. The secret is out… Target is my happy place.
The husband has always known that I love Target. He has always been aware that it is my “go to” place to shop, get day to day needs, pick up my prescriptions and grab a few needed groceries in a pinch. But, now he knows it’s where I go when I need to relax and I am a-ok wandering the aisles all alone.
Target is my happy escape. I have a route I walk the same path every time to ensure I see every article and peruse all my favorite zones. I have this route simply out of routine and maybe a bit of OCD. However, it does make the list making easy as I can put in order the zones I visit, in the order I visit them and my list is in order. If only I could do this at the grocery store too, life would be grand.

Target has always been a constant on my shopping docket. Mom and I used to go shopping together every Saturday morning when I was a teenager and young adult, and then as I grew a bit older and had Doodle we would wander the aisles together. Uncommon known factoid: Doodle HATED Target as a baby, just hated it. She would make it maybe ten minutes and then she would always burst into crocodile tears (don’t believe me, check out the picture at the end of this post, my sweet at 1.5 freaking out).

Target is my everything store. Need some cheap trendy fashion pieces, head to Target. Need eggs and juice, head to Target. Need sunglasses and a scarf, head to Taregt. Need diapers and wipes, head to target. Need candles and cards, head to Target. Need cleaning supplies and trash bags, head to Target. Need granola bars and vitamins, head to Target. Need holiday decor and birthday party supplies, head to Target.

So, it is true… it is now known that Target may just be my most happy place. The place where I go to get the little things and mimic trends without breaking the budget. Let it be known, Doodle no longer hates Target either, in fact she quite enjoys it these days.

So when I am lost and cannot be found search the Target aisles as that is where I am most likely to be.


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  1. Mrs. LL

    February 11, 2014 at 6:52 pm

    Haha.. I love this blog! And the pic of Avery is just classic! Target lovers UNITED!!

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