Melanie Jeanne

100 Happy Days

In life there are always challenges. Always road blocks. Always hurdles. There will always be moments of stress and frustration of anger and of boredom. There will be moments of restlessness. Moments of fear and moments of disappointment. This is true for all of us. This has been in particularly true for me as of late. I have been stuck in a fast paced pendulum swing of completely blessed and happy then swaying to completely sad and frustrated. I have lost my lust for the silver lining and for all the little adventures in my world. I have focused too much on the perfect picture, then end goal, the light at the end of the tunnel and not at the moment I am in. I have made others the source of my joy and my sadness and I have not internally reflected enough to take accountability for me.

I have been seeing posts on my Instagram feed for weeks now with the hash tag #100happydays. And finally yesterday I took a moment to explore the meaning behind it. I love the concept and the intention; slowing life down enough to enjoy it. Taking a moment to live in the moment. And intentionally seeking that which makes you happy on a daily basis. 100 Happy Days… I am in. In a life immensely blessed I have gotten caught up in the hustle and the bustle of negative. I have lost sight of the happy-go-lucky girl that my parents used to boast would wake up with a smile on her face. I have buried the girl who my husband adored for finding adventure at the grocery store. I have turned life’s little moments and responsibilities into burdens versus blessings and quite frankly I am certain this is impacting those I love.

I have never been more happy in my life. I have never been more blessed in my life. I have never been more open and honest and courageous and brave. All these positives are incredible. However, I have also allowed myself to become bitter and anxious and edgy and unlikeable. It’s a strange conundrum.

Yesterday I started the challenge. Looking forward to what these next 99 days hold. I can share this much, the moment captured yesterday was incredible. Time with my family at the park; playing, swinging, laughing. #100happydays

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