Melanie Jeanne

The M Team

32 years and 7 months… The M Team has existed for 32 years and 7 months. Since the day I was born these two women have been my world, my best friends, my worst enemies, my counselors, my biggest fans, my most honest critics and they’ve been my family.

My mom and sister have raised me with loving and honest arms. Through the years our relationships have ebbed and flowed, I presume as all family relationships do, but when the going get’s tough and when life happens, these two are my people. They are the two women I call in my free time, I text for recipes, I send random stupid photos to, I mail a postcard to, I pray for and I love completely.

Today, I posted the above picture on Instagram¬†for “Throw Back Thursday” known as #tbt. And I became sentimental. I wondered how old my sister and I were when this was actually taken, how old was my mom? I wondered what we were like as kids; were we well behaved, were we active, did we use manners, were we wild and excited or calm and peaceful, did we already know the art of arguing and fighting so young? I wondered what made my mom happy, what moments were memorable to her, what adventures did she plan for my sister and I? I wondered if she was living in the moment or dreaming of the future?

And the magic of a picture from ages ago was ever so apparent today when I realized someday Doodle may have these very same questions about a picture she cherishes. And when Doodle is 32 years and 7 months old I wonder if a simple picture captured will stir memories of her childhood. Will her memories be fond and happy? Will she wonder about our life and her place in it? Will she smile knowing just how loved she has always been? Will she wonder what she was like and how she acted and what she liked and enjoyed?

The M Team for 32 years and 7 months… It’s been pretty darn incredible and I have been blessed with the best family a girl could ever ask for. Near or far, close or distant, immediate or extended, biological or bonus, I am so very blessed for this life I live. I am so very blessed to have the memories I do and to be making the memories I am making.

I love you mom and Mis. xo

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