Melanie Jeanne

Saturday = Fun

My husband and I generally have tons of fun with one another. I think that is the key to our relationship success. We just like each other a whole lot. We like spending time together a whole lot. We make one another laugh a whole lot. And we support one another a whole lot. It’s a pretty amazing combination.

Saturday was a fun day together. It was a typical “married Saturday” if you will, remember in Old School… “Actually a pretty nice little Saturday. We’re gonna go to Home Depot, yeah buy some wall paper, get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed Bath & Beyond, I don’t know, I don’t know if we’ll have enough time…” Yep, that was our Saturday. There was in fact a Home Depot trip. That trip resulted in a fixed back gate lock and latch and the restringing of our patio bistro lights. We took the little to her dads and went to our middles soccer game. At the game we enjoyed the intense wind and the fact that our goalie nearly scored three goals.

The big stuff happened next. We went to SAMs to pick up my membership card. Holy moly it was like Disneyland. I was so excited to take my first tour. We walked every aisle so that I could see what SAMs has in store for me. I was in awe aisle after aisle. Spotting bulk item after bulk item that I am certain we need. Oreos, Dove deodorant, Hershey’s Almond Bars, Franks Hot Sauce, bricks of Cheddar Cheese, tubs of Feta Cheese, a cute dress for Doodle, Sharpie Pens in bulk… It is incredible. Our first adventure into SAMs resulted in no purchase, but my debit card is warming up and next weekend we will be stocking up on the family essentials.

As you can see from the above picture, the two of us find fun in everything we do with one another. What a simple blessing. I love you Mr.

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