Melanie Jeanne

Two Months Later

[photo credit: tableystreet]

It has literally been two months since my last post on my dear Quirky Chaos… And the last two months have been filled to the brim with life. Launching a blog with a dear friend {}, working full time, maintaining my titles of mama, wife, friend, sister and so much more. It has been the literal definition of Quirky Chaos. And I have been loving it.

All that being said, I miss this space and this place where the words are all about little happenings in life that I experience and that I share with you. In no way, shape or form was my intention to abandon this little expression of love for life and other priorities, but it happened and I am sorry.

All that being said, life is good, oh so good. There are toils and troubles and there is great happiness and excitement too. I have learned so many things like how to write a blog post and schedule it to post versus worrying about the content and rushing something out the door, I have learned so much about nutrition and my own bodies response to food, I have learned about patience with my little one and myself and my family, I have learned about juggling everything that makes me happy and being okay if something isn’t perfect or doesn’t get done. I have focused on fulfilling passions and being happy with the flow of life.

Sometimes it is all out of our control and sometimes we just must let go and sink into that which is happening. I promise to come here more often, to write from the heart and authentically, to keep y’all up to date.

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