Melanie Jeanne

Four for Four

And she is FOUR… Who doesn’t want to have four birthday celebrations to celebrate their 4th birthday? I can tell you, Doodle didn’t mind one bit. This doesn’t even count the celebrations she has had with her dad.

We made it simple for each any every celebration, but still there were four.

We had a friends celebration. It was simple, easy and very low key. Two of my very best girlfriends brought their boys over. We played in the pool, grilled hot dogs and enjoyed some cake and ice cream. It was special and lovely. I have decided I will not compete with myself in order to throw a pinterest worthy party, but rather, my goal is to watch my little laugh, smile and enjoy herself.

On her birthday we had an all day celebration playing hookie from work and school. We opened presented as soon as her little peepers were open, we went to the doctor for her four year (shots were involved) and we ate lunch out and about together. It was a lovely day and a rare full 24 hours of dedicated time just her and I.


After her swim lesson in the afternoon we headed over to our dear friends house and where we enjoyed her favorite meal – chicken parmesan, alfredo noodles and ice cream cake. There was a lot of laughter, a lot of kiddo playing and so much fun. We could not have asked for a better day of birth birthday. Everyone was happy and there was magic in everything we did.

The lucky little lady had a school day celebration the following day. It was incredible dropping her off at school. All her class mates knew it was her birthday and cheered her on as she entered the classroom. Giving hugs, singing happy birthday, celebrating her special day with complete enthusiasm. It was incredible and so very heart warming watching that authentic, genuine joy that kiddos carry…

And finally, our little FOUR year old had a family only celebration. One in which we as a family gave her presents and sang to her. Her sisters swam with her. And as a family we went out to dinner. Doodle got to choose the type of food – breakfast – she wanted eggs and waffles. We chose Lolo’s Chicken & Waffles. A haboob and terrible rain storm rolled through while we were eating so we were caught up in the beauty of the weather and the excitement of the storm.

It was a beautiful week of celebrating and ringing in #4. My sweet sweet girl was every so gracious with all the celebration and loved every bit of turning four. I cannot wait to see how this year unfolds. I am so very blessed that Doodle is my daughter.


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