Melanie Jeanne


{photo credit: artifact uprising}

Another birthday is fast approaching and with that a whole new set of goals and ideas and dreams. It is time, time to truly focus on the daydreams that interrupt my day here and my day there. Time to start making an effort to make my dreams come true. Time to harness my child-like enthusiasm with ruthless abandon, take this life by storm and follow my dreams.

This coming birthday I have a couple ideas and dreams. First and foremost it is time to start journaling for myself. Specifically journalling about my goals and dreams for my future. House and home, career and success, life and long term. I allow dreams and goals to float within my head and heart and never gain momentum on accomplishing them for myself and for those I love.

I am also committing myself to “365 Grateful”. Capturing once a day, with a polaroid, something that makes me feel gratitude. I think one year of quiet gratitude, capturing a photograph of meaningful moments, things, feelings is just what this woman needs.

And, as if y’all haven’t heard this one before… It is time to focus on my fitness again. The Mr and I have been talking about gym memberships and getting back on the fitness horse. I have agreed to complete 90 days of my P90X3 prior to reviewing, researching or committing to a gym. This Saturday marks the start…

And then there is the rest of my beautifully chaotic life. Little things here and there. New white linens. Planning travel and adventure. Blogging here at QC and on Hissy Fits and Happiness. My goal to make my nutritional cleansing a primary component of my life. Watching my girls grow. Saving for a house. Decorating said house. I mentioned travel right?

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