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It Will Be A First

Summer Beach Bag

Our family is going on vacation in late July! I am over the moon regarding this vacation, this will be the very first family vacation we are taking as a blended family of five. We are off to the great mitten known as Michigan. My folks moved there this past February and I am taking my family to visit them and show them a childhood favorite.

Travel to me is one of those “necessary for life’s happiness” things for me and exploring new locations, taking adventures to old favorites and soaking up time with my family away from home is essential for my happiness. As soon as our trip was booked I was pumped for the next part of travel planning. It is no longer about the trip, it is now about what to pack, what is needed and what I already have. Planning out carry on bags and suitcases. Ensuring all our girls have swim suits and cover ups, flip flops and essentials in travel entertainment {magazines, books, movie’s on their iPads}

I love the hustle and bustle of planning a vacation and further more the preparation to actually take the trip. I have definitely relaxed some. Since I was little I would plan and prepare and dream an incredible amount prior to travel. I would get a new carry on bag, some new clothes, all new toiletries… It was an adventure in the making and the preparation was a huge piece of the puzzle. As a full-time working wife and mama, that preparation takes an essential back seat these days, but I am seeing this as a silver lining. Without all the hub-bub leading up to the trip that I used to create, the sadness after the trip may not be as strong.

Back to the weeks ahead though… The pups are booked at their puppy hotel, the girls know the travel plans, we have made a few reservations and plans for some of the days of our trips, now it is time to buckle down on the preparation… Outfits, luggage, carry on essentials… Now comes the fun as the countdown is under way… 9 Days People!!!

Books. Magazines. Snacks. Water bottles. Sunblock. Beach bag. Sunglasses. Flip flops. Movies. Happy hearts… I am ready!

9 Days I will be in one of my favorite places on earth, with all of my favorite people, enjoying our very first vacation as a blended family EVER! This is all amazing!!!

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