Melanie Jeanne

I Will Never Forget

[photo credit: babble]

Where were you the day the day the world stood still?

Thirteen years later and the memories are still as vivid as ever. In college and waking for the school day to a phone call from my mom telling me something was terribly wrong. The painter in our home. The silence on campus. That night at earls and the entire restaurant going silent to listen to the presidents address. The candlelit tribute and the red, white and blue we displayed. The sky empty of planes for days with only military jets flying overhead. The tribute songs. Americana. Fear, strength, resolve.

Thirteen years later and I am as American as ever. I have a pride for our country and a respect for those who serve. Today I send condolences and gratitude to the victims, the families of victims, the heroes who passed in their service to others, the heroes who joined in the fight to save American lives, to the fire fighters, police officers, search and rescue dogs, to those in the military protecting our borders, I thank all of you.

To all the American people, I have never been more proud to be an American as I was in those days, weeks and months following the tragic attacks. The way we as a people came together in support, grief, resolve and courage still gives me chills.

Where were you the day the world stood still?

God Bless America.

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