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Warby Parker & Me

In life there are few things I need to be truly and authentically happy. Travel. Food. Experiences that lead to memories with the ones I love most. Big chunky watches. Time with friends. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. marathons. Incredible glasses.
Enter Warby Parker. I am in love. That is the truth of it. I am in love with every single pair of optical and sun glasses that they offer. I was parsing the site and just couldn’t settle on one single pair. The beauty of Warby Parker is that I didn’t have to settle. I was able to utilize their Home Try-On program to determine which is the right pair for me.

I immediately jumped into the Fall 2014 Collection because let’s be clear, I want what is current, in style and the start of a trend, not last years top pics. I loved the selection so much, it was nearly impossible to select just five. Yet, I somehow managed and when the beautiful grey box arrived I was pumped and practically did cartwheels. I opened the box and tried on each pair for the Mr and the Doodle, I got their opinions and knew I needed to live in and wear each pair a bit more for myself. The Home Try-On offers opportunity to take a pair of opticals that intrigued me, pair it with an outfit or two, a hair style and see how I rock the look. What fun!

So here goes my Home Try-On and I am very sorry for the incredible amount of selfies, but this is real life yo! 🙂

[Warby Parker – Oliver, photo credit: melanie moore]

Oliver – I enjoyed this pair. Generally speaking it falls right in line with what I would usually select. Rectangular glasses with a flare of color. I selected the striped olive to try on and enjoyed the glasses quite a lot. The larger frame was light weight and the striped olive was a lovely accent, the olive tone made my green eyes appear greener and that is kind of neat. Oliver comes in whiskey tortoise as well and could make for a very playful pair of opticals. It simple these glasses pouch to the edges of my comfort zone.

[Warby Parker – Hardy, photo credit: melanie moore]

Hardy – Let’s be honest I chose Hardy for a single reason, I love Tom Hardy and playfully chose these as a nod to my favorite actor. I selected the Striped Pacific, however I could have also chosen striped olive, but did not since I was already checking that color out with a different pair. Hardy feels very similar to a pair of glasses I already own, which brings a comfort and happiness into my world.

[Warby Parker – Greenleaf, photo credit: melanie moore]

Greenleaf – This was the first pair I tried on that took me outside of my comfort zone. With the rounded frames I was in glasses heaven. I loved the different shape and the large sizable frame. The classic look of woodgrain tortoise made me happy. My inner hippie was jumping for joy and wanted to keep for certain. They are light weight, playful and I am definitely in love. Greenleaf is certainly a frame that allows me to let out my inner quirky.

[Warby Parker – Coley, photo credit: melanie moore]

Coley – I selected Coley for two reasons. A nod to my folks (their last name is oddly similar) and the badass clear frame. These are so so cool in their own right. The frames were a clear winner in my house (pun intended) and were the most playful of the lot for sure. I could totally see taking a completely dressy outfit and throwing the clear frame monkey wrench right on in. I like the juxtaposition of classy and quirky.

[Warby Parker – Baxter TI, photo credit: melanie moore]

Baxter TI – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! I WANT THESE STAT. I love how large the frames were. The size and the color were to die for. And let’s be clear, there was titanium at the temples. It was charm, quirk, function and style all in one simple pair. Baxter TI is light weight and functional, I want I want. This pair will be added to my optical collection immediately.

And dress-up is unfortunately complete. I didn’t want it to end and I certainly didn’t want to send any of the pairs I selected back. It was a lovely adventure of trying on glasses and playing dress up. Now on to ordering my favorite pair(s).

My order will impact others as well and I love that. With their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program Warby Parker is doing more than donating a pair of glasses to someone in need. They are donating dollars to a non-profit organization that are educating developing countries. Bringing not only optical exams but also access to eyewear to those most in need. This supports developing countries by creating entrepreneurs, bringing eye care to those in need and supporting an incredible cause.

Visit. Try-on. Buy. I love me Warby Parker.

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