Melanie Jeanne

Knocking Down Doors

[photo credit: bacon bourbon babes]

44 houses. 44 unique and different homes to view and research and decide on. 44 houses in a week and a half. We are on the hunt, we are looking for our families next home. And it is going to be “ours”. The journey has brought some incredible insight into what both J and I are truly want in a home, what we are willing o sacrifice (a 4th bedroom) and what we are unwilling to give up on (incredible indoor/outdoor living space).

After 44 homes, three different offers, two different negotiation processes… We are on the path to ownership. Until the deal is done and the keys are in hand I will not reveal the house. Superstitious I suppose, but worth the wait indeed.

Here is what I am willing to reveal. This is the perfect next home for us, for our family of fiveor our future and the coming years. I think it is safe to say it will be a sanctuary for us and we will live up every moment we possibly can within the walls of this space and for the days that it’s ours. Some basic details… there are three bedrooms (yes, that means two girls will share and Doodle and her biggest sissy have been incredibly easy going and loving in agreeing to share space), there are two bathrooms, a great living space, a sitting area, dining nook and an incredible kitchen. There is a backyard oasis with four different areas to retreat to. A pool, a patio, a fire pit sitting area and a grassy play area for littles.

Until November 11th I am busying myself with creating lists and determining needs (a lot), creating a beautiful home that will be “ours”, no longer a yours and mine, but an ours. I am working to ensure that all five personalities are visible within our home and that each person feels that the space within the home reflects them. Bringing all of that which we love together in a classy and beautiful environment.

And as far as shared bedrooms go… Here is the reality. I struggle with it. On and off I think it is the best idea ever, the worst idea ever, the wrong kids are sharing, the right kids are sharing. I know this much to be true… We bought a house with three bedrooms and two kids have to share. I think this is an incredible opportunity for Doodle because at the end of the day it will make her a better person, simple as that. It will teach her important life lessons like sharing, like patience, like understanding the world does’t revolve around her, that no matter how able we are to provide for her she is not entitled to everything she wants. I love that she will be more humble, she will be more kind, she will be more understanding, she will be more loving and she will be blessed with a better relationship with her sister. I love that her and her sister will have a little world that in time they will create magic in and stay up late talking (maybe when Doodle is six). I love that it will help her to become a better person. The world needs more love, less anger. The world needs more compromise and less entitlement. The world needs more understanding and less demanding. I think it’s a good thing.

As soon as we close I promise to reveal the house and as I decorate and accomplish tasks, I will reveal rooms, style, decor and ideas.

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