Melanie Jeanne

Too Many Options

[photo credit: melanie moore]

Have you noticed how many options we have when shopping? I was intrigued the other day when I ran into the grocery store to select greek yogurt for my mid-morning snack. Brand after brand. Flavor after flavor. I was overwhelmed.

I was left with a sense of confusion and wonder at just how many yogurt options I had. How many different flavors I could select from. It took about ten minutes for me to take in the sight and read the different brand labels. Knowing some of the brands well and having never heard of others… I was left in a conundrum.

And as I walked out of the store after making my selection (Chobani, single serve cups, vanilla and honey) I realized that this is the way life is these days… Options. Options. Options. We are living in a time in which everything is at our finger tips and the options are plenty. It doesn’t feel simple to me and I rather like simple. The market is saturated in every way possible. From yogurt to security system providers we all have so many companies and brands to review and digest and determine if they are a fit for our lives.

In some ways having options makes me feel good in that I am in control of my decision and I have the ability to review and research and make the best selection for me and my family. However, part of me really struggles with the fact that everything has to be reviewed and researched and decisions are no longer as simple as they used to be.

How does over saturation make you feel? How does having to do research on nearly everything in life impact you? I am one to become brand loyal for the simple fact of simplicity. And these days, when it comes to food I just wish my options were simple and organic without hormones and GMO’s.

Options. A blessing and a curse.

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