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A Day with Girlfriends

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On November 15th I attempted my first “A Day with Girlfriends” trunk show. Pulling together many moms that inspire me. Many moms that create beautiful little gems in their sparse free time. Many moms that invest in other companies goods because they believe so strongly in what they are offering. I pulled together eleven beautiful women, all providing something unique and beautiful.

[Origami Owl]

Stella and Dot jewelry. Origami Owl charm jewelry. Jamberry Nails nail supplies. Sweet and Silly Baby items. Loverbug Creations knit goods. Gold Canyon Candles delicious scents. LuLa Roe leggings, tunics and skirts. Dream Accessories gems for littles. Dream by Nana up-styled dresses. YTW Photography photography essentials.  Isagenix nutritional cleansing.

[LuLa Roe with Lindsay]

All were beautiful tables filled with incredible items. It was overwhelming to walk through my new empty home and see all of these beautiful women in their element, talking about goods that they believe in and showing passion outside of day jobs, family and friends. It was inspiring to watch each lady discuss what they so strongly believed in, smile and laugh and share. It was beautiful and I was uplifted to be in the presence of such incredible women.

[Loverbug Creations]

I invited over 125 ladies, each trunked also extended an invite to her closest friends. The turn-out, better than I could have expected for a first time event. I have a lot of learning to do in order to throw another successful “A Day with Girlfriends”. Snacks and drinks were served. Chatter was shared. Contact information was exchanged. And all of the beautiful trunkers got their name out there just a bit more than before.

[Dream Accessories]

Thank you to all of the vendors that shared space with me. Thank you for all of the ladies who came to the event and spent time perusing the goodies. Until next year…

[Gold Canyon Candles]

Interested in following up with any of the incredible brands that trunked at this years “A Day with Girlfriends”:
Stella & Dot
LuLa Roe
Gold Canyon Candles
Dream Accessories
Dream by Nana
Loverbug Creations
Origami Owl
YTW Photography
Jamberry Nails
Sweet & Silly Baby

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