Melanie Jeanne

Feel Good Friday

[photo credit: ecojot]

Today is FRIDAY! And today I simply leave you with items that make me incredibly happy.

This speech by Ashton Kutcher. There is nothing I agree with more than his words. They are eloquent. They are motivating. They come from the heart. I want to play this video weekly for my girls until it is engrained within them. This is good stuff.

Ellen DeGeneres Scaring the Bejesus out of people. It simply makes me laugh a little bit too hard.
– Jimmy Kimmel’s “I Told My Kids I Ate Their Halloween Candy” clip this year. This had our entire family giggling. I particularly love kiddos 9, 10 & 14. This entire bit is spectacular. And we had fun picking and choosing which kid each one of us would be.
– This behind the scenes footage of that one time Jimmy Fallon and Bradley Cooper couldn’t stop laughing. It had me laughing a lot.
Happy Weekend Y’all. Enjoy time outdoors. Push yourself beyond your limits this weekend. Challenge yourself to be creative and playful.

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