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[photo credit: melanie moore]

Whoa nelly… If two weeks ago was busy, last week was insane. Work on top of work on top of work. As a full-time working wife, mom, friend, new home owner and blogger, last week was a whirlwind. Talk about coming up for breath… Insane and wonderful.

As things always do, they have a way of working out and the week ended with many accomplishments across the board. Work aside, our new house is rocking and rolling and turning into a home.

The past couple weeks we have taken the bull by the horns and carved a crazy path of home preparedness. A couch, a chair, three bed frames, three mattresses, two new TVs, a new rug… Bedding, bedding and more bedding. This house is quickly turning into a home.

And this past weekend we took one of our spare Christmas tress there in order to set it up in our front window. Though there is nothing in the home of value just yet, it feels good to pull up to our home and feel the cozy nature and cheerful greeting a Christmas tree provides.

What’s next… This past weekend we started packing up our current home. Deciding what can go and what needs to stay. As a result we have boxes ready for the move. But, due to the nature of our mindful moving some boxes will need to wait until the proper storage is in place. That being said, we will be preparing furniture to move this coming weekend. A sideboard, a dresser, a full bed and mattress, boxes and boxes of goodies stored in our garage. Piece by piece we will make this house our home. And piece by piece we will move items slowly but surely.

December 18th will be upon us quickly and as a result we are focused and excited to get our home in just the right order. This journey is exciting, exhausting and time consuming and I am so pleased we are where we are right now in this life.

Time to focus a little more on Christmas shopping for our littles. And packing a few more boxes…

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