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House Diaries

The first BIG purchase (aside from the house of course) has been made! Today is the day we get our keys. Today is the day we take possession. Today is the day we meet at our new home after work and we start… Start by hanging photos in the Girls/Guest bathroom. Today is the day it all really starts becoming real.

This winter my folks are coming home for three weeks. Home to visit with their kids and grandkids for the holidays. Home to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. Home. And while they are here they will be staying in our new home. I cannot imagine anything better, the good juju that they will bring. The peace of mind knowing that they have a place to stay, a place to rest, a place to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. I love that we are currently renters and home owners. There is a peace of mind in moving mindfully and having a place set-up for my folks, cozy and inviting and theirs.

As a result of our future and first house guests, there are some essential items we need to ensure that our house is a home this holiday season. The first big purchase was made this weekend, bedroom furniture for the master bedroom. A bed, a mirror to hang over the bed, the bed linens. Next up, a family room couch. And there are little things here and there and nick knacks to make the house feel like home.

Top 11 Items Right Now:
1. Upholstered Sleight Bed
2. Organic Braided Matelasse Duvet Cover
3. Mongstad Mirror
4. Davis Queen Sleeper Sofa
5. Mid-Century Nightstand
6. Scoop Table Lamp
7. Factory Task Lamp
8. Bubble Ceramic Side Table
9. Organic Plisse Blanket
10. London Alarm Clock
11. Gallery Frames

I just cannot wait to introduce you to the blank canvas that is our home!

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