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House Diaries

Today is the day… Today is signing day.

Years of dreaming and exploring, months of searching and compromising, and today is the day that the Mr and I sign off on our newest adventure… Our first home.

The Mr and I have always been dreamers together. Since our first date, through the journey that is us, we have been house hunters. Looking for what we deem our dream home. We have driven through neighborhoods to determine location, we have driven up and down streets to determine curb appeal, we have debated fixer-upper versus brand new. We have dreamt together.

As the dreaming started to become more of a reality we knew it was time to stop renting from someone else, we wanted to “rent” from ourselves. Reviewing our finances and our opportunities, discussing loan options and locations with our real estate agent, we came to the conclusion that we would be purchasing our “starter” home.

As previously shared, we viewed 44 homes in a short time frame, gave three offers, decided on those things we could sacrifice (a 4th bedroom) and on those things we couldn’t (incredible indoor/outdoor living space). We went through the inspection process and the negotiation of “fixes” process. We have driven the new route to our new home a dozen times.

And today is the day… The day we sign a million and one pieces of paper. The day we agree this is our next step in our great adventure. And we couldn’t be more excited and nervous for this day. Excited because this is exactly what we needed next for our family. A home that everyone can call theirs. A place the girls feel is ours and not someone else’s. A place to take pride in and live and laugh and love in. The nerves stem from a couple little things. With a new home come new expenses. With a new home that is smaller than originally planned comes down sizing and organizing. And with our starter home comes a whole lot of furniture and decorating to make OUR home OURS.

I am so excited for this new adventure. Join me on the journey through my “House Diaries”.

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