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One Month, One Hundred Miles

One Month, One Hundred Miles…
It was a goal of mine in October and it has carried over into November. No, I did not accomplish the goal. In fact I fell short by many many miles. Only running 35.7 total miles in October. I have kicked off November strong with 9.07 miles under my belt to date.

The goal of One Month, One Hundred miles may never be accomplished in my world of running. For me it is more than the number and it is more than accomplishing a goal of one hundred miles. For me it is about becoming consistent in my health and wellness. For me the number is the finish line, but the daily miles are the goal. Staying active is the goal. Yes, I would love to run 100 Miles in one month, but reality is, I’d rather be active and stay active.

Truth is, I am more proud of showing and teaching my Doodle an active lifestyle. I am more proud that she wants to run with me, that she wants to ride in the stroller with me as I go. I am more proud that she runs here and there and everywhere. I am proud that I am teaching her that.

Six months ago I started on a journey of nutritional cleansing to get my insides good and healthy. On that journey I learned how to make healthier choices and smarter eating habits. During that journey of internal health and wellness I realized one incredibly important piece of the puzzle was currently missing. I was sedentary and I could feel it.

Now six months later, I am healthy inside and out. Nutritional cleansing still part of my weekly routine and fitness now more apparent too. One last habit to take on for the trifecta, healthy eating. We are cooking more frequently at home and about that I am proud. The journey to a healthy life is just that, a journey with ebbs and flows and efforts and consistency.

Nutritional cleansing – check. Activity and fitness – check. Healthy eating – underway. It’s a good life and I want to treat my body right. For me, these three pillars of internal and external health are paramount.

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