Melanie Jeanne

Simplifying Christmas

[photo credit: i heart naptime]

We are simplifying Christmas this year. It is as simple as that.

I believe in toys and magic and wonder and Santa. I believe in memories and moments and experiences too. I believe that a doll can inspire imagination as much as a trip to a museum. I believe that each little finds joy in different environments and experiences.

There will be toys under my tree this Christmas, there may be drawing tools, books, cook books and aprons too. There may be side walk chalk and bikes. There may be concert tickets and music classes. What may be found under the tree will be that of a typical Christmas for us, a mixture of fantasy and reality, of play and learning, of requests and surprises.

However, this year we are simplifying. This year we are going to be more thoughtful about what is purchased and why. This year our family is focusing on the simple joys of the season. My Doodle has an imagination that bursts throughout the day; playing with her dolls, feeding them, bathing them, snuggling with them and putting them to bed. Doodle also loves cooking with me and cleaning with me and jogging with me, coloring with me and writing with me. Right now, in her world, it is all play. It is all fun. A simple wooden spoon is a toy as much as her dolls are to her. I love that about right now. Right now everything has the opportunity to be educational, playful, imaginative, experiential. Everything is a lesson in life and love, in fantasy and reality and because of that, there will be toys and I will foster Doodle’s imagination.

Also because of that I am decluttering and removing chaos and focusing on reducing the sensory overload that is our house right now. Doodle and I have already gone through her room and packaged many toys and items for kiddos in need. We have decided what we love and what we would love to share with others. We are keeping the essentials to play and happiness for her. Dolls. Coloring. Books. And we have donated nearly everything else. There are a few items I am struggling to part with, but the clutter, the clutter has been cleared up. There is now room for imagination and organization. For play and learning. For experiences and memories.

This Christmas we are focusing on decluttering and creating moments for play. A new neighborhood, new fun and adventures, new memories and moments and a couple new toys too.

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