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Health During the Holidays

Battling the sickies this holiday season is never top of my list of things to do. But, as usual it is something to add to the list. And this year is a bit different because it is more of an ongoing thorn in my side rather than a simple cold. I have headaches regularly, I have neck, shoulder and back of head pains, shooting or dull it doesn’t matter. My eye twitches. My back itself is a jumbled mess of aches and soreness. My fingers are tingling sometimes and generally I feel blah.

**Don’t worry mom I have a doctors appointment scheduled.**

I have this sneaking suspicion that all of these “ailments” have little to do with my physical health and much more to do with my emotional health. I find that I lock my jaw during sleep at night which creates tension, that tension leads to aches and pains. And if in fact my locking my jaw at night, then creates tension in my body, it is no wonder the pains and aches are located where they are… Adjacent to my jaw.

I find that I carry worry more than most, that I carry fear more than most, maybe even angst and anxiety. It is simple, right now I have diagnosed myself and I am unable of letting go. Whether it is simple work and daily life stress. Whether it is big, life changing or life impacting events. Whether it is little worries or big momentous worries… I cannot let go. I cannot let go of fears and concerns.

I am going to start tracking my worries. Morning. Noon. Night. I am going to track my disposition. I am going to track my emotions. Track my stress level, track my happiness, track my water intake, track my eating habits; I am going to become a tracking machine. I think this may conclude what my aches, pains and aliments are stemming from.

Stress. Tension. Aches and pains… I will win.

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