Melanie Jeanne

House Diaries

[photo credit: melanie moore]

Our new home is ready for Christmas. Filled with family and loved ones, stocked with presents, ready for the love and chaos that Christmas brings. The trees is trimmed, the house is lined with lights and the family is ready to snuggle in to a week full of love and attention and celebration.

Our house is far from being a home just yet, but every day brings us a little closer to home. Kiddos laughter and love sure makes it feel much more like our home.

In the weeks that follow Christmas we will move every little thing we possibly can. Kitchen utensils, household nick knacks, clothes and decor. We will move with thoughtful intention that allows us to leave behind, donate and sell anything that no longer suits our style and our family.

Until then, we will bask in the holiday spirit and settle into a week of joy, food, love and laughter. We will cozy up and hunker down as we enjoy our home and the people in it.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

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