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guest bathroom

Just a quick check-in to start the week… It’s all coming together. Little bits and bobs and pieces falling into place. Every room has a bed and really isn’t that all we need anyway? We have decided to expedite much of our furniture needs so that when we move we will experience coming home versus moving to a new house. My priorities have been met and far exceed with what we have already accomplished.

guest bathroom

The blank shell we began with is quickly turning into our own little masterpiece. Yes, it will be a work in progress for sometime. For a long time most likely. But, it feels like home. It feels like our home and quite honestly, nothing feels better.

master bedroom
doodle’s bed
rachel’s bed

The basics needed in our home to create an environment everyone feels happy and safe in are already in place. Now it is time to start figuring out decor. The little details that will make our house feel homey. The details that will make our house our home. The details that will tie everything together. An orange alarm clock, a silver tea kettle, a plus throw on the back of our couch, coffee table books… Anything that makes this space feel incredibly welcoming and personal.

rachel’s disney decor
great room
great room

I cannot wait to reveal our home room by room. I cannot wait to have cupboards organized and drawers full of our belongings. I cannot wait to hang things on the walls and add personal touches. Room by room, this house will become our home.

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