Melanie Jeanne

Is There Such a Thing?

Is there such thing as the terrible four’s? Mamas I need to know. We have been experiencing worse than normal behaviors, higher than normal emotions, tantrum after tantrum and whining like nobodies business.
Is this something that others have experienced? If so, I need help!

I have committed to myself and my Doodle that time outs, spankings and aggressive discipline doesn’t feel good to me and doesn’t work for me. I want to honor emotions and raise a little who has confidence in handling her emotions. I want a little who believes that all emotions are okay to feel and understands what works best for her while dealing with emotions. But, you see, I struggle with finding a solution when support and love are not working and the high emotions persist.

We have been talking through our emotions much more. And that is working. It doesn’t prevent the initial wave of feelings, but talking through what make her angry or sad or frustrated is helping. I giggle often when she is explaining what made her so mad, because it is so darn cute. And I get it… I threw her cup away, that is frustrating. It may still remain her reality, but the emotions are real.

So now what? Now what do I do when everything is crumbling? The loving environment is ideal. So moms, how do you thread discipline into a loving and understanding environment. Doodle is my whole world, however the world does not revolve around Doodle. Thoughts? Ideas? Help!

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