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Life Mediocre

[photo credit: style me pretty]

There are times in life where I feel mediocre. Mediocre in the worst and probably most normal way. Mediocre in the way that I may not be failing anyone, but I am certain I am not pleasing anyone either.

I love to live high on life. High on life is what I am used to being. The silver lining girl. The glass is half full. Going through security at the airport is incredible because it means I am going somewhere. Trips to the grocery store are an adventure. You know, the girl that sees the best in everyone and gets a kick out of everything.

But, right now I simply feel mediocre. I am struggling to see the best in all. I am struggling to find excitement in the little things. I have become too big for my britches. Not in a malicious or evil kind of way, just in the “in over my head” in life kind of way. Trying to be too much, do too much, etc. I am trying to conquer the world and my trying too hard is defeating me.

I feel mediocre in my family. I feel mediocre amongst my friends. I feel mediocre in my career. I feel mediocre as me right now. I have the best intentions to be the sexy wife, the fun loving mom, the thoughtful friend, the best employee possible and the person who follows her dreams and chases her passions. Right now, right this moment, that just isn’t how life is happening. At least I don’t feel like that’s the way the cookie is crumbling.

When I feel mediocre I become overly sensitive. I like to hole up and hide out versus take immediate action. It takes me a moment to process what is truly going on. I am good at taking accountability amongst friends and at work, but at home I take the low road and it takes me a moment to realize what I could be doing better.

Time to hole up and focus in.

* And yes, I chose a beautiful inspiring image from Style Me Pretty, because I love inspiration, I love beautiful images and I love finding motivation anywhere I can.

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