Melanie Jeanne

Patience Please

Oh my my… Patience is something I do not posses much of. It is something I simply cannot seem to find a better balance with. Yes, I am able to wait until the right time for most things in life and yes, I understand that most things are indeed worth the wait… But right now I am twitchy.

I am twitchy because I have vision. Loads and loads of vision. I have the ability to see the end result in my head and heart – decorating our home, Christmas morning around the tree, a fabulous dinner party, Quirky Chaos’ next blog layout – but I have the vision to get it just so.

I am often disappointed in myself because even my best laid vision usually falls a tad short. I lack the ability to find just the right nick knack and put it in just the right place to bring our whole home together. I lack the ability to plan for and prepare for and pull-off a perfect party. I have the inability to get this blog to a place where I love it. I mean I LOVE this blog already, but when I am reading other blogs… They just seem far more polished, they are prettier, the pictures are better.

I need patience with myself right about now. Patience to tackle one task at a time. To learn how to decorate and pull it all together. To learn how to photograph for my blog and edit in photoshop. To learn how to plan a party with all the fixin’s in my head.

I need the patience to let go of that which I am not good at and the patience to focus on what needs to get done. Patience please.

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