Melanie Jeanne

The Holiday Spirit

[photo credit: comfort of cooking]

I love Christmas… I mean I love Christmas a lot! I love the spirit of Christmas. I love the tradition. I love the excitement. I love that it brings the best out of me. The spirit of Christmas is so very important. The spirit of Christmas is so cozy, is so welcoming, is so lovely.

I love that we have a new home to start new traditions in. I love that we have already put up our tree and we have already trimmed the house. I love that we have wrapped all our presents and I love that our new house is becoming a home. I don’t love that we are living out of two homes this year simply because where we live is not where we are celebrating. The traditions are coming along very slowly. Very very slowly.

This year we will have Scooch visit. We will trim our tree. We will bake cookies. We will decorate rooms and we will bring as much cheer into our two worlds as possible.

What are family traditions have you carried on? How do you balance the excitement and cheer of the holidays with responsibility? Happy Holidays y’all!

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