Melanie Jeanne

Tis the Season

[photo credit: aw 2014]

My heart is FULL… We are heading into Christmas week. My parents have arrived. My Mr is home. Our children are about to flood our house. This is the best, most hectic time of year. And this year I am bound and determined to enjoy every moment I possibly can.

A movie maybe, driving around to see Christmas lights, meal after meal, lazy time watching football and relaxing on the couch. I see a future filled with family and laughter. I see a future filled with delicious food and memories. I see a future filled with rejuvenation and kick starting the New Year. I see a future of celebrating and loving.

I plan on eating too much. I plan on jogging a little. I plan on creating a little magic and remaining a home body as much as possible as well. I live a life on the go. Racing from one stop to the next. Racing to get ready, rushing to work, going from meeting to meeting, running into daycare at the end of the day and then battling the nightly traffic. Once home there’s dinner, there’s chores, there’s bedtime chaos… The weekend is my time to do nothing, to not be running on all cylinders and to not be on sensory overload. This holiday break I plan on taking full advantage of the ability to create peace and reduce the constant go.

This holiday I choose grace and gratitude.

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