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And Then There’s Boston

I haven’t been to Boston since I was a little lady, thirteen or so to be exact. And even then, I wasn’t there for long and as every thirteen year old can attest to, I was a tag-along to the grown-up plans that were made. Here is what I know though, I fell in love with Boston at age thirteen. There was history, there was culture, there were accents. It was a whole new and beautiful world.
I remember it being everything New England was famed to be. Fresh seafood, thick accents, brick buildings, culture, sports, the Kennedy’s… The memories are few and they have faded over the years, but I am ready to sink my teeth into New England all over again.

This time as an adult there are a few must do’s and must see’s on my list. Our time in Boston is less than that which we have spent in New York and therefore we must be wiser with our time. We will be arriving on the Amtrak lat morning and then it is on…

1. TD Garden. Because the whole purpose of our trek into Boston is to see our Coyotes play. My main hope is to find my husband a jersey, find myself a ball cap and to enjoy a Coyotes win. Fingers crossed all three hopes become our reality.

2. The Fours. We will be pre-gaming at The Fours prior to enjoying our Coyotes in action. I so look forward to experiencing this as Sports Illustrated has named it the Best Bar in America. I mean, if we are going to hit up a bar prior to the game. This is definitely it.

3. The Parker House. Boston Cream Pie. First, let’s not get too hung up on the name… Pie. Cake. Whatever. This delicious pudding cake was created at The Parker House by chef M. Sanzian and is the official cake of the state of Massachusetts. To visit the location of its creation, completely necessary.

4. Fenway Park. One of the most popular ballparks in America. Though we aren’t lovers of baseball, I am a lover of sports and sports history and quite frankly, I love to see things that have made a name for themselves. The Green Monster.

5. John F Kennedy Presidential Library. If I have to explain, you don’t know me. My love for the Kennedy’s is real. I must see the library named after my favorite president.

6. The Freedom Trail. As an adult I have now learned to appreciate history and marked locations that still display history as well as the stories they tell. 16 historically significant sites. 2.5 mile route. I am ready to get walking and learning.

7. The Boston Tea Party Ships. I remember seeing the ships as a kid. I remember being in awe of the history and the magnitude of what happened next. I think it thrilling to see this site again as an adult with a much better understanding and a much deeper respect of its history.

8. The Original Cheers – Boston. Where everybody knows your name. The show is iconic, the bar is iconic. We simply must stop into the bar, enjoy a beer on the corner stool and laugh that we are not Norm.

9. Boston Clam Chowder. With endless options I will simply rely on the Mr for this one. This is a need and a want though. I am a huge fan of Boston Clam Chowder and I would be remise if I did not enjoy a bowl of this most delicious where it was created.

10. Harvard Book Store. Because I want a Harvard tee. There is something about historical colleges… So many great minds have made their way through those halls.

I cannot wait to arrive in the American city with more history than most. I cannot wait to walk the streets where Paul Revere took his midnight ride. I cannot wait to arrive at The Parker House where it is rumored Jack asked Jackie to marry him. I cannot wait to stroll the streets featured in Good Will Hunting. This city, its history, I am in love.

* Photo Credit Southern Savers

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