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Booze Bouquet

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Because who doesn’t love a booze bouquet?

All the gift guides in the world never really answer my desire to provide the perfect gift. Though the lists are all awesome, they never seem to hit the nail on the head, they are simply too general in nature for my liking. This Valentine’s Day was no exception… I wanted to give my Mr a gift that impressed and reminded him that he is loved.

In all honesty I take great pride in giving gifts to others. I try to listen intently during conversations. I try to watch and observe throughout the year. I try to give gifts that pull at heart strings and let others know I know them, truly know them. I try to surprise others with the perfect gift.

This Valentine’s Day my gift to my Mr had to meet those requirements, all the gifts I give do. And this year his gift was definitely one of those gifts. There was an article on MSN about creative or cheap or simple gifts to give and though I don’t recollect the booze bouquet being specifically noted, what was shared inspired it for sure.

We have been enjoying whiskey together for years and last summer in Michigan we truly enjoyed a chilled shot of tequila together. So much enjoyment so that he has mentioned it multiple times since.  Simple, easy, booze bouquet. I was certain I was hitting the nail on the head with this simple gift. After all it was easy to make and easy to enjoy as well.

I was over the moon with excitement once the idea struck, I may have played it up a bit too much, made it seem a bit too spectacular. But, I cannot help myself, when I get the gift right, I just know it in my gut and I get way too excited. And, you know what, it was well received too! I think I did good.

Booze Bouquet How To: 

  • 12 mini bottles of the booze of your choice and liking
  • Wooden dowels from Michaels. They are $0.59 a dowel and I had to buy a hand wood saw to cut them to the appropriate length. Four dowels creates twelve “stems”, I then cut it to varying lengths.
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks.
  • Foam ball to cut to the proper size to fit into your preferred vase.
  • Vase whether purchased or found at home.
  • Filler – in this case mine was red crinkle paper to hide the foam ball and nod to Valentine’s Day.

Start by trimming your foam ball, placing it in the vase and hiding it with your filler of choice. Then saw the wood dowels to varying lengths while your hot glue gun is heating up. Once the dowels are trimmed and the glue gun is hot start gluing each bottle to a dowel. Once the glue is dry, roughly five minutes, stab the dowel into the foam ball. Rinse, wash, repeat. Soon you too will have a 12 mini bottle booze bouquet and a Mr, friend or family member who feels loved and spacial.

Happy Gift Giving. 🙂

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