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Bulletproof Coffee

[photo credit: lululemon blog]

Fad or Fantastic?

My co-friends and I chat about a lot of random things. Food and kids are always at the top of the list. Always. And coffee is a shared must within our marketing team. Someone always has a cup.

A couple weeks, maybe even a month ago, I stumbled upon an article about Bulletproof Coffee. Thank you to the random running magazine I picked up for educating me on extraordinarily random things. This, this one may not be so random after all. It seems to be a fad that I stumbled upon, but is this a fad and I movement I can get behind? Therein lies the question.

The basic premise behind Bulletproof Coffee seems simple enough. By combining three ingredients: coffee, grass-fed organic butter & Extra Virgin Coconut oil, your mind and body work better. The creator of Bulletproof Coffee indicates that this combination, when mixed together, is one of the highest quality coffees you can put in your body. As a result your mind is clearer and your body performs better.

So fad or fantastic? I don’t know just yet. I have yet to try this combination for myself. But, you see the reason my curiosity has been piqued again is because it came up in a conversation during a meeting and apparently those who have tried it, swear by it… So, I am interested in finding out for myself.

I love coffee. I love butter. I love coconut oil. We will just have to see if I love Bulletproof Coffee.

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