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This weekend we will be celebrating our middle girls 13th birthday… 13? Thirteen! 13th. Holy teenager…

We are a simple family that likes a good celebration every now and then. We don’t go overboard so much as we drag out the occasion and let each any every person in our home celebrate their birthday for a week or two. It is a good long celebration. A cake here, presents there, a party or two, a surprise every now and then, gift cards to spend. I think you get the gist of how we do birthdays in our household.

Tonight I will be rushing home to bake a cake and smother it with cool whip. What my girl wants my girl gets. I will also be making homemade taquitos, because who doesn’t love a taquito and the homemade ones are best. There will be a few gifts given. Generally a family focus on our girl. Maybe we’ll watch a movie as a family of her choosing and cuddle up to celebrate our teenager. Tomorrow we will hustle and bustle throughout the day and take the whole gang to the Coyotes game in the evening. It will be an extension of the celebration of sorts. Hockey is our families favorite sport and as a special treat tomorrow night we will be enjoying the view from a suit. Sunday, there may be shopping, there may be donuts, there may be simple fun.

All in all, we will be enjoying family time. We will be celebrating our girl. We will do what we can to make her feel loved and special. Thirteen, it’s a big year. It’s a special birthday to celebrate. I am going to muster all the magic I can and bottle it up for her.

With all my love, Happy Birthday Kiddo.

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