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Me and My Warby’s

It is no secret I love Warby Parker and it is no secret I love utilizing their Home Try-On system. And, I’ve done it again. My struggle to decide is real. I initially wrote about Warby Parker here, roughly six months ago. I had fallen in love, fallen in love with nearly every pair I tried on at home. For some reason I couldn’t bite the bullet. I didn’t have a new prescription and I wasn’t sure just exactly which one I wanted to order and I couldn’t order all five.

Time passed and I ordered a pair for the Mr because he thought the brand and the glasses were cool. I attempted another Home Try-On, that one was a total miss. And then last week I got another box of five beauties. This time I honestly have fallen in love with every single pair. I honestly don’t know what to do…Tonight I am headed to the Big Apple to meet up with the Mr. We are going to take the city by storm. And absolutely, at the top of my list is a Warby Parker location. In fact it may be my very first stop. I promise I will not be leaving Manhattan without my very own pair of Warby’s. In preparation I went to the eye doc yesterday. And of course my prescription has changed some… So you see, it is perfect timing after all.

So… Here goes my Home Try-On and an overload of selfies. The visual reflection is necessary. Some of these beauties are part of the Spring 2015 Collection from Warby Parker.

[photo credit: mealnie moore. opticals: baxter ti]

These literally need to be added to my collection. I have tried them on with every Home Try-On shipment. I have trotted around the house, I have asked the family for their opinions, I have not stopped thinking of them since my first try-on in September. The Baxter TI opticals are lightweight and stunning. With larger frames that are impactful and titanium temple arms. I seriously think these are going to be my new day-to-day go to glasses. I love them.

[photo credit: melanie moore. opticals: haskell]

These beauties are featured in the Spring 2015 Collection from Warby Parker. Dxon’t these Haskell frames just scream Spring? I love the spunk and flare that they are. I love the crystal frames, playful and unique, yet perfect for everyday wear. The Mr favors these to all others I have tried on because that are unique. Simple as that. And quite frankly I agree. There is something special about a frame and a color that is particularly unique right now. Although, I do believe crystal frames will become all the rage, there were a couple on the Oscars red carpet… Must adopt soon.

[photo credit: melanie moore. opticals: finch]

Kind of cat-eye. Totally retro. I am in love. Another fine selection from the Spring 2015 Collection from Warby Parker. These finch opticals get it right. They are larger in size, which by the way is what I am looking for in my newest pair of beauties. They are light weight and they come in three incredible color options. I mean come on… Striped Molasses, Violet Magnolia and Grenadine. Red cat-eye retro lovelies, yes please.

[photo credit: melanie moore. opticals: roosevelt]

Because I want to be Batman. Or Batgirl. Either way, these matte black roosevelt opticals are seriously awesome. I feel like a spy in James Bond, a secret agent or just really really cool. And seriously, if you’re not all about being Batgirl in the matte black version there are some seriously bad ass colors to choose from. Blue Slate Fade, deal. Bondi Blue, sign me up. Striped Chestnut, awesome. These opticals are fierce, with a strong shape and versatile look. You now see why my struggle is real. How to decide?

[photo credit: melanie moore. optical: ballard]

These ballard frames may be the most traditional pair I chose for my Home Try-On. The smaller frame is still larger than my current pair, but not too over the top and I totally dig the slight change of pace. I have been craving larger frames for a long time, maybe a couple of years and I have never found “the one”… These just have that “the one” feel that I have been looking for. Plus I love the added funk that the Gimlet Tortoise frames provide. Now, how to decide? For real though…

New York, I am on my way. I am coming to take your city by storm and Warby Parker… You are my first stop. I will certainly be in hog heaven. Like for real. And I am certain there will be too many photos taken of my experience, I promise no more selfies. And I am certain I will FINALLY select my first pair of Warby’s.

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  1. Love Hylton

    February 26, 2015 at 2:29 am

    Love the finch ones on you. You are Beatiful in each and every selfie. Have fun in the city. This post makes me want to need glasses. Xoxo

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