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New Year. New Focus.

I quietly stepped into the New Year. Creating lists and organizing ideas. I quietly produced resolutions, ensuring I tended to all things that mattered most to me. I evaluated my life as it was and as I wanted it to be. I structured all of my resolutions, goals and focus for 2015 on making my life the life I crave.
The life I crave is a simple one. One that contains a foundation of routine and calm. A life that creates consistency for my girls. A life that enables safety and security while also promoting passion and adventure. When evaluating my life as it was, I realized two very valuable lessons. 1. My life is exactly as I have always imagined it; in love, in success, in family. My life is everything I ever imagined, everything I ever wanted, everything I dreamed, it is my reality. 2. My life is far too chaotic. I have limited routine and limited structure, which for me creates anxiety and chaos. And as I age I crave structure, peace and a sense of calm consistency. Mind you… Most of, if not all of my experienced chaos is in my own control. Waking up 15 minutes earlier, staying on top of laundry and dirty dishes, organizing my home, etc. Which, when realizing it is all in my control, made focusing 2015 an easy and enjoyable task.

So, what is my focus for 2015
Make my health and wellness a priority. Each month, choose one healthy behavior to focus on and make an effort to improve my habit throughout the month and work to carry each new habit into the next month. January was the kick off and I started drinking at least 75 ounces of water daily. In February I am focusing on drinking my water as well as removing carbs, unless within a fruit or vegetable, from dinner. I am also focusing on simply moving more. Walking at least 12,500 steps a day, doing sit ups and push ups during commercial breaks. Using my body in a healthy manner, that is my goal.
Create structure and routine in our home. Cook dinner at home more often, get the Doodle into a healthy bed time routine, do household chores on Sunday, make beds every morning. I want to focus on doing little things that make a big difference in our lives and create a peace and calm in our home. It is said kids need structure and routine, but I think I need it just as much if not more than they do. Plus, a house where kids know what to expect is a happy home.
Blog & learn. I love this space. I love this creative outlet. I crave the creativity it allows me and I have so many goals stemming from the creativity. Photography, Photoshop and simply becoming a more focused and better writer. It is my goal to harness the creativity within and really become more  creative in this space.
Slow down & take adventures. I want to live in the moment. Every single moment. Take the time to enjoy what I am experiencing. Watch my daughters play, watch dinner simmer on the stove, read an extra book. I want to be more engaged in my life. And I want adventure always. Little adventures like night time walk through our neighborhood, to grand adventures like Europe in March. I want to live this life tot he fullest.

And so it begins, my journey this year to be more present, more open minded, more focused on what matters most. As a kick off I have rebranded Quirky Chaos. It is clean, it is peaceful, it is mindful and I love it! Cannot wait to get writing and sharing and being me!

Happy New Year (in February)!

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