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New York State of Mind

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You guys… I cannot wait for this weekend. New York, NY here I come. I will be joining my Mr in the Big Apple for a weekend get-away. Well, we will start our getaway in the Big Apple and I cannot wait!

The journey will be an adventure for sure, a go-go-go kind of journey, taking the city by storm, chewing it up and spitting it out. I am going to own Manhattan in my short bit o’ time there. Flying the redeye Wednesday night I will be arriving in the early morning hours, well, 7:41am to be exact. Not really early morning, but certainly the start of the hustle and bustle.

Whenever I join the Mr during the week I adventure while he works. I will be walking the city street by street. And like so many trips before, I am already planning my days.

There are a few “must see’s” for me. A few “must do’s” and a couple “wouldn’t that be nice” pit stops. I have already checked and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is “sold out” [enter huge defeated sigh, this is definitely a bucket list item]. The Chew has the week off [bummer people, bummer]. Live with Kelly and Michael are “sold out” except for 7:45am on Thursday. I will be just landing from my redeye, timing is not perfect [REALLY?!?! even they’re sold out]. The Today Show it is. I have always wanted to watch The Today Show from The Today Show Plaza, so this trip, it is top of my list.

48 hours, that’s all I’ve got and this is what I’m going to do with them…

1. The Today Show Plaza. I mean really though. I watch Matt, Al, Savannah, Natalie, Tamron, Willie and Carson every morning as I get ready for work. It only seems appropriate to make my way to the plaza and enjoy a little time with my morning gang.

2. 9/11 Memorial & Museum. Because I have to. God Bless America. I love thee.

3. Central Park NYC. During our last visit we talked about jogging the park every morning. We didn’t even step foot in it. This time, this time I am going to see what Central Park is all about.

4. Warby Parker Pop-up. If you read any of the blogs I write, you may know… I’ve written about Warby Parker here & here. And with another blog in the can I think it is time I walk into a pop-up and indulge my Warby Parker craving. I am in love and its time for a pair or two [don’t tell Mr].

5. The NHL Store powered by Reebok. The reason for our travels is to follow our favorite team [our Arizona Coyotes] to other home arenas in the league. We are blessed to be traveling to NY to watch our Coyotes at Madison Square Garden play against the NY Rangers and then off to Boston we will head to see them play the Bruins. So, you see, our love for hockey, well… It means I must visit the NHL Store.

6. The Converse Store at 560 Broadway New York, NY 10012. I remember the Mr and I popping in here during our last NY trip together. The store amazed me. I had yet to line the shelves of my closet with multiple pairs of chucks. Since our travels you can find many pairs of chucks my closet. I think I need a green pair just in time for St. Patty’s Day. But, there’s also royal blue, purple, turquoise, mint green, carnation pink… Oh my options.

7. ¬†Soul Cycle NYC. Nothing but good things. That’s what I’ve heard. I’ve read many mom blogs and fitness blogs and all I know about Soul Cycle is that it gains rave reviews. Inspirational coaching, high-energy music, spinning… I think I want to give it a try.

8. The High Line. The hippie in me is swelling with excitement. Despite the temperature dropping below 30 degrees, I am all about exploring neat locations and a park constructed on a historic rail line, elevated above the streets of Manhattan. Sign me up.

9. The Rink at Rockefeller. Because every romantic comedy in NewYork features The Rink at Rockefeller. And because it would be cool.

10. Food. Food. Food. I love food and there are just too many places to eat and indulge in the Big Apple. My list would be infinite I am certain. But, these are the joints that top the list. Milk – Momofuku Milk Bar. S’MAC. Eataly. Katz’s. Mimi’s Pizza Parlor. Serendipity 3. Alder. Blue Hill.

48 hours to take this city by storm. I cannot wait. And don’t forget, I must fit a hockey game in there somewhere.

Any ideas folks? A restaurant recommendation or two? A must see?
Happy travels.

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