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Beauty Favorites Right Now

[photo credit: melanie moore]

Some products work for a while and then must be phased out. Some products become a part of our daily routine and are used for years. In my case I usually like to use an entire bottle and then try something new. I do have a few tried and true items that may no longer be used daily, but will always be a part of my arsenal to select from.

Right now I have five favorites that are a part of my daily routine.

Colgate Optic White. For years and years I used Colgate Total. I loved it. However, in the past couple months, my mouth wasn’t feeling as fresh. I had dulled to the flavor and was no longer feeling “fresh” after a brushing. Being the loyalist that I am, I opted to try Colgate Optic White. Wow, oh my. This tooth paste has an intense mint flavor, in fact my mouth tingles as I brush. As for the whitening claim, my teeth may be whiter, I am not certain. I did not buy this product with that goal in mind and failed to track any whitening progress. If you want your mouth feeling fresh and refreshed after a brushing, this is a winner.

Olay Fresh Outlast Crisp Pear. Through the winter I stick with warm vanillas, coconut flavors and pomegranates scents. I try to maintain a warm hug when I am showering and I try to ensure that I feel cozy. To me scent is nearly everything; memories, calming, invigorating. My winter wash ran out and it was time to replenish my stock. I rushed through the aisle and simply picked it because pear seemed refreshing. Perfect option to start spring off fresh!

Baby Lips Crystal Moisturizer. Because I do not like lipstick. However, I love chapstick and a little shimmer. My daughter was wearing a Baby Lips Crystal and I loved the sheen of her lips, so I tried it for myself and I am now hooked. I don’t wear it often, but like adding it during date night. It’s a nice way to add slight shimmer without going overboard.

EOS. I am a chap stick junkie. In fact most days that is all I use on my lips. Not a huge fan of lipstick and I save the shimmer for special occasions (see above). But, I am always using chap stick. I used to be partial to Blister Silk & Shine, it was my preferred chap stick and I loved that it was silky and shiny. One day I happened to use an EOS lying around my house and since I have been hooked. I think I am carrying three different flavors in my right now. Love it. It’s that simple.

Dollar Shave Club razor. This one is all the Mr’s fault. He heard about the Dollar Shave Club website. researched what they were selling. Realized how much we spend on razors a month. And decided to bite the bullet. My shaves have never been better. For such a cost efficient product, this is a winner winner chicken dinner item. The shave is close. The shave is smooth. The razor is pretty incredible too. And I usually have the problem of not changing my blades often enough, with this razor, you receive a blade for each week of the month. Incredible. Go sign up!

This is simply a snap shot of my current favorite beauty products. What are you using? Why do you favor it? Share! I want new things to try. 🙂

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