Melanie Jeanne

Essential Oils

[photo credit: in whom i delight]

I want to dig into this essential oil craze. Like right now. I want to infuse my life with oils that create calm, reduce stress, relieve headaches, naturally clean, soothe tummies and generally make ones house smell delightful. I have no basis of knowledge to determine what is so great about oils or what brand of oils to use. However, I am curious about the craze. In my own experience, a jar of lavender oil has calmed a crazy toddler and soothed a night-time cough, I’m down to learn more.

I have done limited research on essential oils, but happen to see a lot of information about Young Living and doTERRA on the good ol’ social media outlets. I follow multiple mommies on social media and I can say that Facebook is heavily populated with Young Living mama’s, Instagram and the Blogosphere is heavily populated with doTERRA mommies.

So how do I make my decisions? So far, I simply prefer doTERRA because of the packaging. Good argument I suppose. As a marketer it really is all about packaging after all. I have read a couple comparison blogs and it seems to me they are a pretty even shake as far as folks reviews. I think it boils down to preferential branding and in my case mama reviews.

Mama’s do you have any insight? Any thoughts on either brand? Or other brands for that matter? What interested you in essential oils? What have your experiences been? I’d love to start a conversation and learn more… Please help. 🙂

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