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Finishing Touches

We are home. We have been for a number of days now, a number of months in fact. And our house is more cozy and homey than any we’ve lived it yet. Still, there are bits and pieces that need love and attention and that homey touch.

The spaces I dream of tackling next are our sitting area we have lovingly deemed as our bar and all the outdoor living spaces. I have started receiving summer catalogs from my favorite shops and CB2 officially captured my attention. I have determined it is our official store for all outdoor living. And I think that I can outfit our sitting area with designs they carry for wall and storage decor.

Our home is mid-century modern and the pieces from CB2 will certainly fit well with the design of the home.

Our sitting area/bar is a simple space leading to our backyard and a part of the homes great room. It is made up of our family room and dining room. We already have lovely chairs to equip the space and we will purchase the rug that matches the one in our family room to ensure cohesion. The saga credenza is the perfect piece to tie into this little nook of our home. Along with the saga credenza we would like to include the metal gunmetal wall shelves to display our favorite and most unique bottles along with any super duper cool bar decor. The most inspiring piece and my most favorite online find happens to be a resin deer head wall mount in charcoal and olive green found in the Etsy shop BananaTreeStudios. I want one of every single design they create. I don’t know why, but I do! There will be finishing touches I am certain of this.

The front yard is nearly complete. The Mr and I have already started work on this beauty. Walls have been built and house numbers are up. But, it is time to finish this space off. I would like to  purchase the oscar rectangular rail planter and frames to complete the trellises and add green to the landscape. This will also allow for additional shade for the girls bedrooms. It really is a win win for all. We will need to buy two or three plants to line the front cinder block wall and add dimension to the yard. The back of the cinder block wall will hopefully be lined with the shore polyterrazo planter and a couple of CB2’s basic planters. These planters will be filled with desert friendly plants. And because my loving Mr has dealt with a simply awful welcome mat since November I will be buying a pebble mat to create a welcome and modern look at our entrance.

Our backyard will certainly be the most challenging space to complete. And it certainly will not be completed in one fell swoop. I am simply focusing on the furniture that can pull the entire space together as you see, the landscaping, the building of a fire pit/barbecue and any design for shade that is created will take more time and definitely more money. The pool side space will be an easy fix. A couple idle turquoise outdoor chaise lounges would certainly add a pop of color and a place to lounge. The criss knit orange pod would create depth and additional seating for our family of five. Once this is tackled I would like to create an outdoor dining space that is inviting and calm. The apollo dining table, the apollo dining bench, as well as the apollo dining chairs could easily anchor the space with the plantation mohogany wood. Paired with the sophia black dining chairs a pop of modern would be achieved. We are currently loving the look of classic meets modern. Again, a few finishing touches will need to be added, however, these pieces will create a perfect space for dining al fresco. The outdoor living space is where we will focus on building a fireplace as well as a barbecue for an indoor/outdoor living experience in the middle of our backyard. To compliment such a living area I want to include the java outdoor sectional for living, loving, laughing and relaxing until our hearts content. I want to pair that with funky pieces such as two ixtapa blue outdoor lounge chairs and the tulum side table. This space will pull together all of our outdoor living spaces, connecting wood with colorful pops of turquoise, blue, green, yellow and salmon.

Of course all of these spaces will need a little love and attention to ensure that pieces aren’t just furniture and our house truly is a home. For that matter, that is what we need to focus on throughout the house. Ridding ourselves of clutter and creating a bit of style with interior decoration (any one with talent is free to help tie the bow around this beauty). As for the finishing touches I fell in love with on the CB2 website… Well, they may just complete a couple spaces. Obviously a backyard full of furniture needs a few pillows with all the pizzaz and pops of color to make the pieces feel like home. As a result I fell in love with the dreamweave 20″ outdoor pillow, the dreamweave 20×12″ outdoor pillow, the fossette ombre stripe 20″ outdoor pillow, the fossette ombre stripe 20×12″ outdoor pillow and of course, since we’re talking pillows, why not add the flip flop 20″ outdoor pillow to the mix. Color. Loads and loads of color. To add a little fun in our backyard I would love to add a few oscar planters to spread throughout the open space and place near the furniture. Moving back indoors I think what we are missing are tables and accent lighting. Though our family loves laying out across our family room rug, a coffee table would be a nice touch and easy to move out of the way for those lazy, rug lying, movie days. I fell in love with the display coffee table. What a neat way to display mementoes without cluttering a table top. Along with needing a coffee table, we clearly will need a sitting area/bar nook table to place drinks. The smart round marble coffee table does a beautiful job of tying the saga credenza into the space as well as adding a little fresh look with the aluminum base and marble top. We shall see if the Mr agrees. Since the bar nook and outdoor living space are so closely tied together, it only seems fitting to have some tiki bar ware on display. The tiki stacking glasses and the tai tall cocktail glasses are too cute for words and must be added to my collection. Simple as that. And finally, because I fell in love with CB2 and started down the rabbit hole of online window shopping, I must say, this house needs this accent light somewhere. Maybe two for our master bedroom night stands, maybe just one on the credenza, who really knows. But, the copper arc table lamp is fabulous and I want one just because I do.

So there you have it. My online window shopping, stemming from catalog receipt rabbit hole of decorating my entire home left to finish is complete. The journey to make this house a home is one that fills my heart with excitement and inspiration. I think I’ve hit the nail on the head with these pieces and someday will surely give you the grand tour of our little abode.

* Please note this blog is formulated from my own opinions only, I was not working in conjunction with CB2 or Etsy and I have not been paid for my opinions. 

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