Melanie Jeanne

Spontaneous Adventure

So there was this time I received a text from my person while I was in Madrid with my other person. Her text read something like this… “Do you want to fly to Penn State and go see Garth Brooks with me? Are you still in Paris?”

And from that an adventure was born. Three weeks later I was on a 5am flight traveling across the country to meet both my persons and her husband. A 24 hour adventure to see an icon. To see a man whose songs stir up memories and emotions from my teen years. A man who has still got it after all these years. A man who is so gracious and appreciative to his fans.

It was a whirlwind. A few special moments. Dinner prior to the show so we could catch up and calm down after a day of travel for all. The most spectacular concert I may have ever seen. Two and a half hours of non-stop Garth Brooks. Constant entertainment. Continued energy. Songs filled with a life time of memories. A breakfast to say our good byes and share a few more fond memories.

Simple, spontaneous, never enough time with my person. A magical 24 hours indeed.



And to cap it off, my other person, my Mr, he and I got to explore the city of Pittsburgh together. Explore steel town. Enjoy beautiful weather, eat delicious food, soak up a city proud of their sports and rich in history. It was a wonderful 24 hours. Until next time Pittsburgh…







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